Brass Off Gift Pack


Total Results Brass Off Gift Pack - includes full sized Miracle 20 Treatment!

Cool down brassy tones on lightened brunettes and brunette balayage

Brass Off Shampoo 300ml -

Make your blonde hair bolder and cut down the brass with Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo. Let your hair look vibrant yet neutral. The anti-brass cleaning shampoo targets weak strands in minutes. Within one week, you will see your hair brighter, smoother and softer. Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo boosts cool tones and reduces brassy tones. The shampoo is infused with tone-correcting pigments, which coat the hair fibres. The powerful pigments in the nourishing shampoo can enhance the cool tones in pre-lightened hair after multiple use of shampoo.

Brass Off Conditioner 300ml -

If you have ever wondered why your hair keeps on getting drier and parched even after shampooing, it’s probably because it is missing on the right conditioning. Matrix brings an all-new Brass-OFF Conditioner with its Total Results Range. The hydrating conditioner targets the driest areas of your hair for deep moisturising. The creamy conditioner adds a weightless shine to your dull and tired tresses, reviving them back to their original health.

Total Results Miracle 20 200ml - 

Matrix Miracle Creator 20 is a must-have hair spray to tackle hair care woes at once! A multi-tasker treatment formula, the Miracle Creator Spray comes with 20 beautifying benefits. A versatile styling spray, the Miracle Creator 20 nourishes the hair locks and boosts the shine. The softening spray smoothens the hair cuticles and prevents hair breakage. The heat protecting spray prevent possible hair breakage from hot styling tools and adds immense moisture to the hair.