Colour Obsessed Gift Pack


Total Results Color Obsessed Gift Pack - includes full sized Miracle 20 Treatment!

Preserve your colour and fight the fade

Color Obsessed Shampoo 300ml -

Matrix has come up with amazing Total Results Color Obsessed Shampoo, which makes it easier to get hold of the colour and a long-lasting shine for healthy-looking hair. Preserving the moisture while strengthening up the porous, damaged hair locks, this rejuvenating formula volumises your hair without weighing it down and adding the most desired definition and texture to your dull tresses.

Color Obsessed Conditioner 300ml -

Total Results Color Obsessed Conditioner is a lightweight, hair nourishing product that helps you hydrate and moisturise your colour treated hair. Matrix presents you with a professional solution to tame your un-manageable and unruly hair, styling in in the desired hair style. The nourishing ingredients present in this hair conditioner helps in balancing the moisture level of your scalp, smoothening the hair surface to prevent dehydration. If you are struggling with the degrading hair texture and lost hair lustre, then this conditioner is a perfect pick for you. Many professional stylists recommend using this to get the desired swept back look.

Total Results Miracle 20 200ml - 

Matrix Miracle Creator 20 is a must-have hair spray to tackle hair care woes at once! A multi-tasker treatment formula, the Miracle Creator Spray comes with 20 beautifying benefits. A versatile styling spray, the Miracle Creator 20 nourishes the hair locks and boosts the shine. The softening spray smoothens the hair cuticles and prevents hair breakage. The heat protecting spray prevent possible hair breakage from hot styling tools and adds immense moisture to the hair.