So Silver Shampoo


Create the appearance of tresses that are nourished and rejuvenated with the Matrix Total Results So Silver Purple Shampoo for Toning Blondes, Greys and Silvers. The luxurious shampoo glides effortlessly through your locks, providing a thorough and intense clean to leave your hair and scalp looking purified and refreshed. Despite the intensive cleansing properties of the shampoo, the replenishing components within work to moisturise and rejuvenate, never leaving hair feeling stripped of natural and essential oils.

Hair that has been coloured blonde can be prone to brassiness and yellow tones, which the silver shampoo works to neutralise and brighten. The cocktail of ingredients assists in creating the appearance of sleek, ashy hues that look clean and fresh, alleviating the look of dullness and tiredness. Colour-treated hair often needs some intense TLC, so never compromise when it comes to toning shampoo.